April 14, 2018

The Womb and the Point

The Womb is penetrated by the Point.
A spark of holiness dancing in space.
Wholeness and Clarity, they merge together.

It split and did not split. That’s non-duality.
The flow broke through,
but it is impossible to describe.
The point of light expands into the open palace.
It is a rhythm of revelation and concealment.

There is no ultimate apart from the relative, 
There is no relative at all other than the ultimate. 
Whatever appears is necessarily empty, 
Whatever is empty necessarily appears. 
Because appearance that is not empty is impossible, 
And emptiness as well is not established without appearance.
~Mipham Rinpoche [Beacon of Certainty]

Through the radiance of the Master of the World,
the birth comes forth.

Empty forms, beyond illusion.
A holographic universe enfolds.

Do not think.
Do not follow.
No expectation.
No effort.

Resting in open awareness.
Direct experiencing.
Spontaneous arising.
Being a Luminous Matrix
Relaxed, stable and lucid.

~Nishmat Chayim